BOLERO Bed Locator

Product Information

BOLERO Series Bed Locators are an economical and convenient way to achieve accurate bed positioning while protecting walls and also bringing communications and power outlets to the bed’s location.

The unit features a sturdy framework made of durable galvanized steel covered with an impact-resistant Kydex® molded cover providing a compact and convenient wall unit. Up to 10 electrical devices can be mounted on the angled ends of the unit for easy access when a bed is in position. The angle also protects plugs from being pinched or damaged. All internal wiring is enclosed in built-in conduits and terminates at a convenient electrical connection point. Wiring is marked, colour-coded and tie wrapped for easy circuit identification and all supplied power outlets are Hospital Grade, 2 pole, 3 wire and rated for 15 or 20 amperes, 120 volt.